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Track, Prioritize & Close Inquiry
Tickets Easily

  • Multi-Channel/Supported Channels

    Multi-Channel/Supported Channels

    • Live Chat

      A Help Desk Software that helps you initiate conversations with your customers and ask them about their experience. Scroll through the previous conversations and get a better context of what your customers prefer in order to have a more meaningful conversation with them.

      • Add chat widget on website page or application
      • Add chat as link
      • Customizing widget appearance and text
      • Using live chat effectively (for admins )
      • Set Chat Availability
      • Chat only with logged in support portal users
      • Maximum number of chats agents can handle simultaneously
      • Pre-chat forms
      • Route chat to groups
      • Missed chat forms
      • Chat shorthands
      • Proactive live chat for visitors
      • View new and returning visitors
      • Agent availability
      • Live chat for Agents
      • Agents can indicate their availability
      • Agent to Agent chat
      • Recent Chats
      • Visitor details and editing capability
      • Transfer chat to other agents
      • Block visitors
      • Chat History
      • Converting chats to tickets
      • Login API to prepopulate data
      • Live chat summary report
    • Knowledge Base
      • Solution Articles Analytics
      • Who Liked/Disliked (of logged in users)
      • AutoSuggest Solutions while customer creates ticket for ticket deflection
      • Reset No. of likes/Dislikes when revamping solution articles
      • Email to Kbase capability (Kbase Draft)
    • Website/Ticket forms

      A Help Desk Software that helps you add a knowledge base including all the relevant information to help your customers resolve their issues without having to wait on an agent.

      • Feedback Widget

  • Ticketing Features

    Ticketing Features

    • Reply to tickets
    • Add private notes
    • Add public notes
    • Watch tickets
    • Set status
    • Set priority
    • Set type
    • Edit tickets
    • Delete tickets
    • View requester info
    • Filter tickets
    • Perform bulk actions
    • Tag tickets
    • Insert canned responses
    • Execute scenarios
    • Agent Collision Detection
    • Public ticket URL
    • Ticket activity log

  • Automation Features

    Automation Features

    • Ticket dispatch
    • Time-triggered automation
    • Event-triggered automation
    • Scenario automation
    • Automatic email notification
    • Canned response
    • Automatic ticket assignment within group

  • Helpdesk Management Features

    Helpdesk Management Features

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Multiple SLA Policies
    • SLA Reminder
    • SLA Violation Escalation
    • Business hours
    • Multiple Business hours
    • Supervisor dashboard

  • Agent Management Features

    Agent Management Features

    • Agent groups
    • Agent roles
    • Custom agent roles
    • Agent scope
    • Agent signature
    • Agent reply template

  • Customer Management Features

    Customer Management Features

    • Create contacts
    • Create companies
    • Contact and company forms
    • Satisfaction Surveys

  • Reporting Features

    Reporting Features

    A Help Desk Software that helps the supervisor, monitor and visualize the functioning of the call center. A real-time dashboard and detailed reports to help you get a birds-eye view of all the operations.

    • Agent and group performance
    • Vital metrics based on properties
    • Drill down into tickets
    • Performance distribution
    • Ticket volume trend
    • Customer analysis
    • Data export
    • Scheduling reports

  • Security Features

    Security Features


    SSO with SAML
    A Help Desk Software that allows you to access multiple applications with one set of credentials; an authentication process that will ensure your safety.

    Domain whitelisting
    A Help Desk Software that allows you to manage the domains that the users can use securely.

    Custom email servers
    A Help Desk Software that enables you to create email server to suit your requirements

    A Help Desk Software with custom SSL certificates that enables you to secure your support domain.

    Password policy for agents and customers

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