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Track, Prioritize & Close Inquiry
Tickets Easily

  • Multi-Channel/Supported Channels

    Multi-Channel/Supported Channels

    • Live Chat

      A Ticketing system that helps you initiate conversations with your customers and ask them about their experience. Scroll through the previous conversations and get a better context of what your customers prefer in order to have a more meaningful conversation with them.

      • Add chat widget on website page or application
      • Add chat as link
      • Customizing widget appearance and text
      • Using live chat effectively (for admins )
      • Set Chat Availability
      • Chat only with logged in support portal users
      • Maximum number of chats agents can handle simultaneously
      • Pre-chat forms
      • Route chat to groups
      • Missed chat forms
      • Chat shorthands
      • Proactive live chat for visitors
      • View new and returning visitors
      • Agent availability
      • Live chat for Agents
      • Agents can indicate their availability
      • Agent to Agent chat
      • Recent Chats
      • Visitor details and editing capability
      • Transfer chat to other agents
      • Block visitors
      • Chat History
      • Converting chats to tickets
      • Login API to prepopulate data
      • Live chat summary report
    • Knowledge Base
      • Solution Articles Analytics
      • Who Liked/Disliked (of logged in users)
      • AutoSuggest Solutions while customer creates ticket for ticket deflection
      • Reset No. of likes/Dislikes when revamping solution articles
      • Email to Kbase capability (Kbase Draft)
    • Website/Ticket forms

      A ticketing system support that helps you add a knowledge base including all the relevant information to help your customers resolve their issues without having to wait on an agent.

      • Feedback Widget

  • Ticketing Features

    Ticketing Features

    Convert all the queries that you receive into tickets. Emails, calls, texts, and even social media interactions. Organize all your interactions and improve the customer experience for better overall customer satisfaction.

    • Reply to tickets
    • Add private notes
    • Add public notes
    • Watch tickets
    • Set status
    • Set priority
    • Set type
    • Edit tickets
    • Delete tickets
    • View requester info
    • Filter tickets
    • Perform bulk actions
    • Tag tickets
    • Insert canned responses
    • Execute scenarios
    • Agent Collision Detection
    • Public ticket URL
    • Ticket activity log

  • Automation Features

    Automation Features

    Facilitating interactions can make an immense difference in the way you handle all queries. The overall customer experience can be ruled by the manner in which you handle customer queries and deal with the issues that customers face on an everyday basis.

    • Ticket dispatch
    • Time-triggered automation
    • Event-triggered automation
    • Scenario automation
    • Automatic email notification
    • Canned response
    • Automatic ticket assignment within group

  • Helpdesk Management Features

    Helpdesk Management Features

    • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Multiple SLA Policies
    • SLA Reminder
    • SLA Violation Escalation
    • Business hours
    • Multiple Business hours
    • Supervisor dashboard

  • Agent Management Features

    Agent Management Features

    Monitor and supervise the activities of your agents effectively with A real-time dashboard that gives you updates on the number of tickets pending, the tickets that have been resolved and the ones that have been escalated.

    • Agent groups
    • Agent roles
    • Custom agent roles
    • Agent scope
    • Agent signature
    • Agent reply template

  • Customer Management Features

    Customer Management Features

    Having meaningful interactions with your customers is of paramount importance. Improve business relationships with all your customers by properly managing all the interactions with them. A Help Desk Support will help you simplify all the interactions with your clients and help you provide them frictionless support.

    • Create contacts
    • Create companies
    • Contact and company forms
    • Satisfaction Surveys

  • Reporting Features

    Reporting Features

    A ticketing system support that helps the supervisor, monitor and visualize the functioning of the call center. A real-time dashboard and detailed reports to help you get a birds-eye view of all the operations.

    • Agent and group performance
    • Vital metrics based on properties
    • Drill down into tickets
    • Performance distribution
    • Ticket volume trend
    • Customer analysis
    • Data export
    • Scheduling reports

  • Security Features

    Security Features


    SSO with SAML
    A ticketing system support that allows you to access multiple applications with one set of credentials; an authentication process that will ensure your safety.

    Domain whitelisting
    A ticketing system support that allows you to manage the domains that the users can use securely.

    Custom email servers
    A ticketing system support that enables you to create email server to suit your requirements

    A ticketing system support with custom SSL certificates that enables you to secure your support domain.

    Password policy for agents and customers

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