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Every traveler has his own story

Some travelers like talking on the phone because it’s more personal, some prefer using mail because it looks more professional and while others prefer social media because it is easy and more visible.

Martina was traveling abroad for the first time

She booked her tickets online through her laptop as it was more accessible; she sent a mail to confirm her flight timings for the same. Next week she had reached her destination and Kaula Lumpur was indeed beautiful. She tried calling the travel company for her cab but, due to some issues, her calls weren’t going through. She tried reaching them on mail and on Facebook but there seemed to be a delay in the response time.

Roger is one of the best executives in the XYZ travel company

He has been handling calls all day. He is trying to answer everyone on Twitter, Facebook and on mail and it seems to be overwhelming. He seems to be losing track of the conversation that he had on the phone while responding to his customers on mail and on Facebook.

“How would it be if you could find all your customer queries at one place?
Facebook, Twitter, mails and even calls, streamlined into one platform? does this for you.”

  • The average response time for companies on Twitter is one day, seven hours, and 12 minutes. Yet, 64% of customers on Twitter expect a response from companies within one hour.

    – Eptica
  • The average response time for companies on Facebook is
    1 day, 3 hours, and 47 minutes. Yet, 85% of customers on Facebook expect a response from companies within six hours.

    – Eptica

Our Solution

Simplifying Travel Support is a new age customer support suite that empowers you with everything and anything required in delivering the exceptional experience to your travelers.

  • Analytical real-time dashboard
  • Automatic ticket generation
  • Mitigate repetitive travel queries
  • Increased productivity and efficient workload management
  • Query tracking
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