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Tourists expect your exclusive attention. Are you aware?

Know your customer wants and needs for a trip through our interactive chat platform and suggest them best itinerary which fulfills their travel dream. Also, address all travel queries instantly on a 24/7/365 basis.

Say goodbye to distributed customer interaction! Streamline all conversations across various channels with our multi-channel communication solution

help desk ticketing software

Cultivate an everlasting bond with holidaymakers by analyzing their travel taste

Reach out to travel lovers and your existing customers through our multi-channel communication suite, understand what they are looking for, tell them about your discount packages, ask for their previous trip experience with you, suggest them for seasonal trips and much more. Be available round the clock to respond their questions and confusions immediately with our chatbot solution. Never forget – “the more you care, the more they share”!

Our Solutions

Smarter Traveler Interaction ( 24×7 assistant) is an Intelligent & conversational traveler engagement platform which delivers relevant Information and performs secure transactions basis a selected, typed or spoken input, completely on a self-service model. Powered by AI, can learn & upgrade itself with each traveler interaction.

  • 24/7 live chat support to travelers
  • Online travel assistance
  • Text and voice input from users
  • Saves customer chat history
  • Live video chat for travelers and travel service providers both

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Simplifying Travel Support

HelpInbox is a new age customer support suite that empowers you with everything and anything required in delivering the exceptional experience to your travelers.

  • Analytical real-time dashboard
  • Automatic ticket generation
  • Mitigate repetitive travel queries
  • Increased productivity and efficient workload management
  • Query tracking

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Multi-channel Contact Center Software, our Multi-Channel Contact Center Software offers travel companies the ability to leverage each traveler Interaction to improve the travel operations with a holistic approach to Tourist Experience.

  • Call broadcasting to deliver travel updates
  • One to one assistance to trippers
  • Round the clock support to travelers
  • Call recording
  • Real-time performance monitoring of travel agents

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