Providing a good customer experience is the main focus of most businesses today. A Ticketing software will give you an advantage by streamlining all customer queries into one platform. Imagine a situation where one of your customers has bought a product. The product was not up-to-the-mark for which the customer calls you and shares his concern; you do your best to deal with the situation, but the problem persists. To express his dismay, he resorts to Facebook and Twitter. You have a better chance of mitigating the issue by looking through the previous conversations and resolving it before it goes out of hand.

Features of A Ticketing software:

Ticketing Tool

The best feature of ticketing software is the ability to convert queries into tickets. A ticket organizes all the relevant information and concerns of the customer. Tickets can be solved individually by an agent or by collaborative efforts. Parent-child ticketing helps agents to collaborate with other employees and efficiently resolve complex issues.

Multi-Channel Experience

Different people prefer to reach out to businesses in different ways. Some by calls, some SMS, some by email, and some prefer using social media channels. A ticketing software makes available all the channels of communication on one platform so that agents can have a seamless experience handling all the queries.


Automation is one of the key features of Ticketing software. Good Ticketing software provides an effortless experience for your employees and will ensure smooth collaboration. A Ticketing software will route the tickets to the right person in your organization who will be able to resolve the issue most effectively and quickly. Time-based and event-based triggers will further simplify the processes of the organization.

Service Level Agreements

There is a certain amount of assurance that you get when you know that something will be done at a certain time. A service level agreement is that assurance that you provide to your customers about the resolution of a certain query. It gives your team a perspective on how much time they must dedicate to the resolution of a certain problem. It will provide them with an idea of the priority of the issues at hand.


Some incidents require your special attention. Your team has many things to deal with, and some of them might not require immediate action. The escalation feature helps you focus your resources in the right direction. It also facilitates escalating a particular issue to a higher authority.

Reporting and Analysis

A ticketing software keeps a tab on all the tickets the representative gets daily and gives detailed reports on how you can better resolve queries. Keep a close watch on which tickets are pending and the resolved ones. Get updates on urgent calls and escalated issues. 

It allows the supervisor or the manager to analyze the performance of a single representative. Even the analysis of the collaborative effort of all representatives as a team is possible.

It can also help find the time taken to resolve each ticket and take action if left unaddressed. The reporting also provides specifics such as average call duration, resolution rate, and call timing.

Knowledge Base

The customer support faces repetitive queries as well. These questions do not need the direct support of your team. With a knowledge base, you can store all the relevant information to help resolve commonly asked questions.


Happy Customers, Happy Businesses

SLAs will increase the transparency between your support team and your customers, and due to features such as automation, your customer service will become frictionless.

You will see the difference that these little things will make; your customer satisfaction will soar, your recommendations will increase, and your business will grow.

Monitor, Track and Visualize

Get better with each encounter. The more you see your team working, the better you can pinpoint the things that drive better results. A good ticketing software equips you with a dashboard that empowers you to make quicker decisions as it helps you monitor all the necessary metrics.

Improved Efficiency

A ticketing software streamlines all the queries, properly connects the right people at the right time and gets the job done much faster. Without ticketing software, communication, collaboration, and escalation would require much effort. Most of your agents will spend time communicating with their superior’s about the seriousness of an issue and defining a plan of action. With the automation features of Ticketing software, the decision-making process of your organization will significantly improve.


Your employees’ time is valuable. Most of the repetitive issues can be part of the knowledge base by the agents. A ticketing software provides users with a knowledge base that helps your customers resolve their queries by themselves.

Prioritize Issues

Some issues matter more than others. Ensure that your team is focusing on the right issues. There might be an employee who’s keyboard is not functional, and on the other hand, the servers of the entire company may be down, which could be hampering the work of the whole organization. A good Ticketing software will help you prioritize your issues, and you can streamline your company’s efforts in the right direction.

Stay Organized

A good Help Desk Software will organize all the queries at the right place. You will get the complete timeline of your customer’s history in one place. All the interactions neatly organized, and tickets assigned to the right agent automatically.

Which HelpDesk Software Suits YOU best?

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing the right Ticketing software is pricing. How many agents do you wish to support? Are you a small-sized business or a medium-sized business? Ticketing software can have many integrations.

Are you aware of the integrations to choose for your ticketing software? Do these Ticketing software integrations fit your allotted budget? The right ticketing software can turn out to be a boon to your organization, or it can add to the existing issues. Therefore, it is best to choose your ticketing software very wisely.