Customers are king! And, organizations are consistently trying their level best to deliver an exceptional customer support service in order to meet all their demands. Many firms are ready to invest for it as much as required but a heavy investment doesn’t guarantee a higher customer engagement and retention rate. How to solve this riddle then?

Companies need to understand the importance of technology and how it can help grow business. Integrating right technology into a small business system can help save cost as well as promises for long-term sustainable growth. Helpdesk Software is a great solution for a support system of any organization. Although automating whole customer management is not feasible yet to apply an intuitive approach for a smaller portion can certainly help in cost-cutting.

Help Desk Solution for business

Modern customers are very impatient and when there is some issue with products or services, they don’t wait for a second to reach to customer support and choose various channels such as email, SMS, social media and many others to do so. In absence of an automated system, handling such an extensive range of queries is really a tedious job. With the help of a help desk solution, support executives can handle these many queries efficiently in less time and priorities all requests using their exceptional skills.

Have a Look at Some Statistics Below:

  • According to a study by A.T. Kearney, 55% of consumers expect a response from businesses on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter within a day; but only 29% actually receive one.
  • 62% of customer service organizations view customer experience as a competitive differentiator – Deloitte

Revolution in Customer Service:

Customers are using more connected devices to reach out brands and thus adding more numbers to touch points. The total number of customer service interactions managed by humans is expected to hit 300 billion by 2027. Consequently, the number of customer queries will rise hence it is inevitable for organizations to prioritize customer support since poor service will hamper brand image. Technology is becoming a key focus in customer support too. A customer raises a complaint or query with a hope to get it addressed within a minimum possible time duration, therefore, there should be a proper solution in place which can make this job easier and efficient for supports reps. Also, without the absence of a service desk solution, the support team has to invest their important time in multiple repetitive query resolution.

Human Touch is Irreplaceable:

Indeed a ticketing system overcomes the stress level of customer support executives by automating mundane tasks but, at many places, a complete human involvement is required to understand whether issues have been resolved or not. Although the workload on employees in the customer support department will get reduced yet their engagement with handling more complex tasks will increase, so does their demand.

Embrace Technology, Enhance Business!